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We’re a team of hardware designers and embedded software developers. Our job is to convert your brilliant idea into a manufacturing-ready product.

How can we help you?

Turnkey solutions

Designing an electronic product goes far beyond building a working prototype or proof-of-concept. Our unique and proven design process goes through several phases. Our controlled procedures ensure final outcome is a manufacturing-ready product that meets initial requirements.

Subcontracting tasks

We can work hand-in-hand with existing product teams to help filling the gaps or to accelerate product development. Our highly documented software and hardware designs will make it easy for your team to appropriate the work and build on top of it.

Electronic product design life cycle

Our unique design life cycles is based on our 10+ years of experience in the field. Every idea is unique and every product is different. Our team is flexible enough to adapt to the particularities of your field of application.

1. Interview

An initial interview is organized to discuss your idea, understand your expectations and setup the frame-work for our collaboration. If needed, an NDA can be signed before this step.

2. Specification

We highly value the importance of quality project management, which will eventually lead us to delivering what you expected on time. Our detailed and regular reporting and technical documentation will keep you on top of your project.

3. Prototyping

Next phase is hardware design and embedded software development. Each iteration in this prototyping paves the way to the final prototype: a reliable, manufacturing-ready solution.

4. Validation

Validation is probably the most important step that is often overlooked by design teams. We consider this phase critical to the success of the project, and we encourage the client to actively participate in it.

5. Industrialization

Mass production takes much more than a working prototype to be successful. Our knowledge of the electronics supply chain allows us to reduce all related risks and ensure constant quality over time.

Our experience


Co-filed patents


Projects delivered 


Worldwide customers 


Products manufactured

Fields of application

Vehicles and goods tracking

Educational systems
Big data
Animals live monitoring
Meteorological  instruments
Radioactivity measurements

Smart toys
3D printing
Silver economy

Lighting systems

Industrial equipment & software
Data acquisition
Smart buildings
Medical devices
Research laboratory equipment
Specialized Imagery
Audio systems

Our wide range of expertise

Power management

Power supplies filtering
AC power circuits
Battery monitoring
Wired recharging
Wireless power transmission
Very low power systems
Backup systems


Temperature, pressure & humidity
Inertia, motion and vibration
Image sensors
Light and proximity
Force sensors
Radio Frequencies
Inductive sensing


Micro controller
Micro processor
Single board computers
Data storage
AES encryption
High speed / resolution ADC & DAC

Data storage

Flash memory
File system management
Hard-drive interfaces
Memory cards

Wireless connectivity

Lora & SigFox
GSM, 3G and 4G
Custom RF

Wired connectivity

Custom Industrial buses

Human/Machine interfaces

Enclosure design
Display devices
Capacitive keys
Mechanical keyboards
Lighting & audio
Desktop software
Mobile apps


Mechatronics systems
Stepper motors
Brush-less motors
Brushed motors
Power LEDs
Hydraulic and pneumatics

Test and validation

Ikalogic has been manufacturing test instruments for 8+ years. This experience in the field of test & measurement industry gives Ikalogic a competitive edge when it comes to system validation and characterization.
Our routine test procedures includes Voltage/current monitoring, Power evaluation, Time domain analysis, Frequency domain measurements and Signal integrity checking.

Inhouse prototypes production

Ikalogic is fully equipped with PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) prototyping machines and qualified operators. This equipment is dedicated to our R&D facility, and enables quick test & validation cycles.

Our values

At Ikalogic, we value trust, transparency and respect above anything else.  We believe in building our reputation based on long lasting relationships with our clients and partners. Providing solutions we can be proud of is our only way of moving forward.


Being passionate about electronics and technology is a common value to Ikalogic team members.


Our multidisciplinary team swiftly adapts to evolving projects.


Providing state of the art solutions via continuous technological survey.


Intellectual property rights are at the center of our concerns.


Beyond our skills set, we can rely on our network of talented partners.

What people are saying about us

Meet the Management team

Ibrahim KAMAL
Ibrahim KAMAL
Ibrahim started programming at the age of 8, and has ever since been passionate about software, electronics and robotics. After obtaining his Bsc of Mechatronics Engineering in Egypt (2007) and master degree in France (2009), he worked as CTO for an IOT Start-up. In 2010, Ibrahim founded Ikalogic to live new challenges everyday, helping companies around the world to build amazing products.
Victor CANOZ
Victor CANOZ
Passionate about sciences since his youngest age, Victor always wanted to be a game changer in this field. His Bachelor in Physical Measurement gave him broad disciplines with a strong metrology background. He Graduated from the French Grande Ecole ENSIL as a mechatronics engineer. He's got extensive cross-domain skills ranging from high speed electronics, to project management, allowing him to finely understand and solve customers technical issues.

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